As demoed by Sergey Brin.


Their video.

Is it worth it?

Do I want my circles to know where I am any time during the day?

Do I want to read texts without lifting a finger for my phone?

Do I want to look stupid talking to no one in particular? (Read: voice dictation to the glasses)

Do I want virtual signposts in front of my eyes while navigating?

Hell yes!

Do I want to share pics, read the weather and latest news with the shake of a head?

Do I want to continuously read the latest Facebook/Twitter/Google+ updates?

Do I want to look cool?

I asked myself these and still can’t decide whether I want these or not. It’s still a mystery… But one thing’s for sure: I will not be spending $1500 on some fancy looking prescription glasses thingy.
I can buy 2 S3’s or One X’s with that kinda cash! Or a bike! Yeah a bike! Or a TV! Or a decent ultrabook!!!
So while it is expensive I’m hoping my nearest Croma store gets a working dummy soon. Cause these are too good to be true!

Oh and I’m sure these make checking in a breeze!


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Just a noob with a 'smartphone'. Learning it everyday. And my take on random tech too.

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