See this?

One smart kinda guy from MIT (and that’s not Maharashtra Institute Of Technology) has made and patented this ‘solution’ that’s sticks to the insides of a bottle (for example) and let’s the ketchup flow freely. Wha…? O_o

The technology behind this explained: LiquiGlide. Yes that same solution, which can be sprayed on and voila! Anything flows effortlessly!

So now no more Shaking the bottle, calling for the strongest arms in your kitchen, breaking the bottle (how do they eat it then?) or diluting the ketchup with water (my personal favorite) to get that blasted ketchup outta the bottle.

Oh, and btw it was originally developed for car windshields and oil pipelines, but who cares? I’m getting my ketchup out pretty smoothly, ain’t I?

*Goes and licks fingers*

Video of how it works

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