All the chocolate you can possibly eat!
This is gonna be possible pretty soon if this team of Researchers from Yale and the University Of Santiago have their way.
Why? Cause they’ve developed a new molecule that can wipe out cavity causing bacteria in 60 seconds flat!
Yes, you read that right!

Just imagine eating all the chocolate, licking it off your fingers (like in this video).
Oh God!
*goes week at the knees*

But I don’t think such an easy cure to cavities will ever reach the consumer, without the intervention of the government of course. Reason? Cause then sales of floss, toothpastes (except for the ones with this molecule), and yer other dental-high-profit-low-use products will fall and naturally they’ll be uselessly redundant.

So let’s place some wagers. I bet this’ll be proven with horrendous side effects in about a year….

If only they licensed it to Baba Ramdev! (Bwahahahaha!)

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  1. Eliane says:

    i would be subscribing to your feed myself in case you got more interesting posts next time.

  2. Bruna says:

    that is a fantastic story! congratulations on walking through those doors of opportunity!

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