You really should start buyin’ electric cars in five years. And don’t worry about charging, cause the road will now charge your vehicle!

What’s this? Well some smarties over in Japan, the Toyohashi University of Technology in Yokohama to be precise, have managed to successfully transmit electricity through a 10 cm block of concrete. They rigged a set of modified tyres to a bulb and sent around 50-60 watts of power through to light the bulb!

Their project called EVER-Electric Vehicle on Electrified Roadway is innovative but the team said that they’ll need to transmit around 100 times more power for a car.

If the electricity could be used to power not just cars but anything like a phone or an iPad…! I would never run out charge! Just need to step onto concrete aaaaannnnnnnddddd viola! But this technology is years away from implementation.

Hmmm…. One day I could walk and charge. Till then I’ll settle for the Fluid Multi Tap.


About kkapoorr

Just a noob with a 'smartphone'. Learning it everyday. And my take on random tech too.

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