So you’re driving down a stormy road and the reflection your headlights on the rain is irritating. Those speckled diamond like drops can drive you up the wall.
Well, no more!

Researchers at the Carnegie Mellon University have developed a system that can detect the distinctive streaks left by raindrops and snowflakes, and remove them by changing the way the headlights illuminate the path ahead of the vehicle.

To do that, their system uses a digital projector to illuminate the raindrops for a couple of milliseconds, then works out what their likely path is within the drivers field of view. Armed with that information, it’s possible to selectively switch off beams of light from the headlights that would illuminate the drops as they fall—achievable when you have a matrix of lights which can be switched on and off rapidly to steer beams. (Via Gizmodo)

So basically…. You won’t swear at anything and everything while driving in rain. You’ll be more calm and composed and will relax your mind.
Oh, and there’s also a  lesser chance of accidents btw…

Seems pretty cool.

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