Yup, the title says it all. These are the ones I’ve read at least over 2 or more issues. So that I can give you a more honest opinion.

They are not in any particular order of awesomeness. And it’s a 10 minute review.

1) G&G (Rs.50)


This was the first gadget magazine I ever picked up.
The layout is good with emphasis on keeping the magazine lightweight and easy to read. I find that they are the most unbiased while reviewing and get almost all of their facts right. G&G is your metro magazine thanks to the small articles, to the point assessments, and easy-on-your-wallet price is attractive.
But this ‘lightweightness‘ also makes it a 10 minute read as compared to the other magazines in this review. So if you’re looking for a lotta info and a lotta articles this might just not be your dope.
Verdict: The magazine remains Indian at heart and is a quick read.

2) T3(RS.100)


T3 reviews anything tech, whether it be the S3 or the Q3. They don’t leave anything out. T3’s Opinion and Rated sections are the ones I personally like about this magazine.
It’s full of damn ads! Like almost every page has em! Keeping that aside it seems to me that T3 is in love with everything Apple and gives them the upper hand for no reason.
Verdict: Buy this for the best comparisons between stuff.

3) Stuff(Rs.100)


Stuff is the underdog. It has a lot going for it. The Top 10 section is the best I’ve ever seen covering anything from phones to apps to audio/video streamers to ‘geek’ tech. Their layout too is very easy on the eyes, IMHO.
Stuff concentrates too much on stuff not related to our subcontinent. This may be good for some, but I think they need to balance out a bit.
Verdict: Buy when you need to buy tech, cause they’ve got the best listings.

4) Exhibit(Rs.100)

I don’t like exhibit. Plain and simple. Their layout is not easy on the eyes. Small fonts, big articles and bigger photos make everything seem a bit off balance. Plus there are a lotta spelling errors(I guess I’m just picky)
Verdict: Buy this only to gift to someone else, until they get sorted.


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